Clearing your lymphatic system using Kundalini Yoga

Clearing your lymphatic system using Kundalini Yoga

To clear the lymphatic system using Kundalini Yoga, you can engage in a specific kriya that includes a series of exercises designed to stimulate lymph flow and promote detoxification. Here’s a simplified guide to the kriya based on the exercises outlined in the sources:

1. Warm-up with Breathwork: Begin with deep, diaphragmatic breathing to prepare your body and mind for the kriya, focusing on clearing your mind and setting an intention for health and detoxification.

2. Frog Pose: This exercise involves squatting with your heels off the ground and fingertips on the floor, then straightening your legs and lifting your hips while keeping the fingertips in place. This movement is known to stimulate the lymphatic system.

3. Standing and Stretching: Engage in movements that involve standing and stretching the arms, twisting the torso, and bending forward and backward. These actions help to compress and release different parts of the body, encouraging lymph flow.

4. Arm Movements: Perform exercises that involve rapid arm movements, such as lifting the arms up and down, which can help to stimulate the lymph nodes in the armpits, an important area for lymphatic drainage.

5. Relaxation and Meditation: Conclude the kriya with a relaxation and meditation phase to allow your body to integrate the benefits of the exercises and support the lymphatic system in processing and removing toxins.

This kriya, with its focus on physical movements and breathwork, aids in activating the lymphatic system, which is crucial for immune function and detoxification. Consistent practice can lead to improved lymphatic health and overall well-being.

Kriya for the Lymph Glands.

1. Push Pull

   – Sit in an Easy Pose (cross-legged position).

   – Press the thumbs on the Mercury Mounds (just beneath the pinkie fingers), bend the elbows, and hold the hands near the shoulders with palms facing inward.

   – Alternately raise each arm up to a 60-degree angle while keeping the other hand down, in a push-pull motion, with powerful, rhythmic breaths.

2. Lion’s Roar

   – Continue in Easy Pose, place the hands on the knees, palms up.

   – Inhale deeply through the mouth, lift the arms high and back over the head, making a deep roaring sound.

   – Exhale, return hands to the knees, and continue the movement powerfully.

3. Arm Pumps

   – In the sitting position, make solid fists with the thumbs pressed on the mounds beneath the Mercury fingers.

Extend your arms out to the sides, palms facing down. Move your arms rapidly in a four-part sequence: down, down, up, up.

4. Frog Pose

   – Squat down with heels touching and raised, fingertips on the ground between the knees.

   – Inhale, raise the hips with heels up and knees locked; exhale and return to the starting position.

5. Bicycling

Lie on your back, interlace your fingers under your neck, and pedal your legs in the air.

6. Shoulder Stand

   – Lie on the back, lift the hips and legs to a vertical position, supporting the lower spine with the hands, and continue the bicycling motion with the legs.

7. Plow Pose Scissors

   – Move from Shoulder Stand to Plow Pose, alternate touching the toes to the ground in a scissor motion.

8. Har Guru Chant and Bowing

Sit up straight, stretch your spine, put your left hand in front of your right, palms facing forward at shoulder level, chant “Har Guru Siri Guru Wahe Guru,” and bow in rhythm.

Each exercise in this kriya is designed to stimulate different parts of the lymphatic system. promoting detoxification and improving immune function. The kriya incorporates dynamic movements, breathwork, and meditation to create a holistic approach to lymphatic health.

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